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Outdoor Dog House Air Conditioner and Heater

Outdoor Dog House Air Conditioner and Heater

The Original and Complete Solution for Year-Around Cooling and Heating Enclosures for Outdoor Living Dogs, Pets, and other Animals.

Keep your pooch and other furry friends comfortable with the proven and best Climate Control Systems in the industry!

ClimateRight™ is the pioneer and only company that for years has been supplying complete, year-around compressor plus resistance heating air conditioning and heating for pets. We have thousands of happy customers.

The CR2500ACH is the deluxe small and portable air conditioner and heater for this and many other very small enclosure applications. This product was specially designed and made for outdoor dog houses or other pet house enclosures, but you can imagine the many uses possible.

If affordable enclosure heating is your main concern, check out the new CRPH1 ClimateSAFE™ 200W Electric Heater and Fan. Only ours delivers the maximum possible heat using 120V standard electric plugs with a built-in fan for air circulation. Why pay more elsewhere?

Keep your beloved canine or other pet safe in very hot weather. Keep him or her warm in the winter. ClimateRight™ was recommended by "America's veterinarian" Dr. Marty Becker on Good Morning America, "5 Ways to Keep Pets Cool in Summer."



ClimateRight cooling system helps prevent heat stress and stroke! The Climateright CR2500ACH is perfect for most pet houses, from standard small houses all the way to extra large and duplex houses.

Not only will ClimateRight™ keep your pet safe, let's face it – you want to keep your best friend comfortable. Rest assured your pet can stay outside all day with the help of your CR2500ACH. Other great uses for this compact unit include any very small enclosed space like small RVs, and micro small spaces like ATMs, Kiosks, small pantries and any other enclosed spaces up to 400 cubic feet.

ClimateRight does not Warranty or recommend permanent mounting of our AC and Heating units, unless installed by an authorized ClimateRight installer or OEM for an approved application. The reason for this is that we cannot control the quality of aftermarket mounting, and wear and tear related to applications unknown to us. We specifically do not recommend or Warranty permanent mounting on Truck Cabs, Trailers, RVs, and Campers.


Pet House FAQ

Q: How Does ClimateRight Work?

A: ClimateRight is a small, portable air conditioner and heater that runs on regular 110v electric. The unit sits outside of your enclosure and is ducted into the space with two hoses and an easy quick connect system. You will need to drill two small holes into the structure for this to work. The unit offer a very small btu, which is perfect for gentle and easy outdoor pethouse acclimatization.

Q: What are the main benefits of ClimateRight?

A: The primary benefit is pet safety. Extreme heat can cause an outdoor pets to overheat and suffer heat stress. Very cold temperatures can also cause problems. Other benefits are this system sits outside of the structure – away from your pet, and ClimateRight enabling pets to be outside year-round.

Q: Is ClimateRight easy to install?

A: Yes. Hookup requires drilling two small holes into the pet structure and assembling our easy “quick connect” flanges and duct work. Reference our assembly instructions for more details.

Q: Is ClimateRight safe?

A: Yes. The unit is made to sit outside of the pethouse – away from your pet. The unit itself has no dangers in terms of exposed heating elements or harmful emissions.

Q: Is the CR2500 the right model for outdoor pet houses (i.e. dog houses, cat houses and other small enclosures)?

A: Yes. This model is the only small btu model in the market suited ideally for this application. If you have larger structures like duplexes or larger kennels, Police or Military custom larger structures, you may wish to consider our larger, CR5000 model. But for all standard small, medium, large and extra-large pet houses, the CR2500 is the right model.

NOTE: This item is not intended to be used as a permanent installation. Seek professional help and installation from an electrician for proper protection electrical outlet and plug-in protections from the elements.

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ClimateRight ™ is the only all-in-one heating and cooling solution that improves the overall climate of your pet's dwelling.