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Maximize Your RV Trailer Space

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RV Trailers Heating and Air ConditioningIt's tempting to turn RV trailers into storage space while you travel or camp out, but it's so much more than that. You can get the most enjoyment out of your small RV if you pack smart with only what you need. Many small RV owners have learned how to pack light, and we've found some great suggestions for packing well in your RV. The theme for these tips comes down to one word: minimalist.


Tip #1: Figure out the least amount of everything you need. Look at what you plan to bring, and then start weeding things out. If you're going to have the chance to wash dishes or clothes at campgrounds, then you can pack even less.

Tip #2: Multitask as much as possible. Inventors love creating things that multitask, and now you've got the perfect opportunity for them. From popular multi-tools to reversible jackets to pans that cook anything, you can find items that will perform double-duty for you, and that will save you space.


Tip #3: Wear clothes in layers. Rather than packing a different item of clothes for every possible temperature change, bring layers: a shirt, a sweater, a jacket, and a pair of pants will get you through just about any situation when layered correctly!


Adding a portable heating and air conditioning unit to your RV trailer can also save you space on clothes—when you can control the temperature, you can pack fewer clothes.


Pack lightly and enjoy your camping trip with more space than you knew you had!