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Permanent Heating and Air Conditioning Solution for Your Cabin

Until now, total cooling solutions for these types of applications did not exist. Now there is ClimateRight™ portable or permanent air conditioning for small outdoor rooms and enclosed spaces.

ClimateRight™ is like your own personal mini HVAC system that operates similarly to the larger, more expensive central units that climate control homes. But now - in a small, affordable, but powerful unit.

How does it work?

Installation is very easy. Simply port the 2 hose assembly into the outside wall (ClimateRight™ sits outside the enclosure). You will need to drill 2 small holes through the wall of your structure. After installation, simply plug in your ClimateRight™ to any 110v electric outlet, generator or Shore Power. Lastly, set the digital display to either "cool" mode. Select a fan speed. Select your temperature. ClimateRight™ does the rest.

CR 5000 AC

ClimateRight's CR-8000-AC 8,200 BTU 115-Volt A/C unit is the perfect solution to cool your work shed, vehicle cab, small cabin or room and small tents. It quickly cools on hot days with quiet efficiency. The CR-8000-AC offers more btu and cooling capabilities than our smaller CR-5000-AC unit.

The ClimateRight CR-8000-AC's electronic thermostat includes Energy saver feature, Auto-Off timer and 3 cooling / 3 fan only speeds and comes with a infrared remote control.

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