Climate Comfort Anyplace Imaginable
Do you need a practical and affordable complete heating and cooling solution for your garage, building or outdoor work space? How about an outdoor man cave? Until now, total outdoor cooling and heating solutions for these types of applications did not exist. Now there is ClimateRight™ portable or permanent air conditioning and heating for outdoor spaces. ClimateRight™ is like your own personal mini HVAC system that operates similarly to the larger, more expensive units that climate control your home. After installation, simply plug in your ClimateRight™ to any 110v electric outlet or generator. Lastly, set the digital display to either "cool" or "heat" mode. Select a fan speed. Select your temperature. ClimateRight™ does the rest. ClimateRight™ model CR-7000 is recommended for all garage and work/living buildings up to 1200 cubic feet. This unit packs a punch with only 7000 btus cooling power and 7500 heating power. The brisk air flow rate (CFM) and rapid air mixture quickly acclimatizes your enclosure. If your enclosure is larger than 1200 cubic feet, simply add ClimateRight™ unit(s) at the rate of one for every 1,200 cubic feet of space. ClimateRight™ is safe, affordable, easy and inexpensive to own and operate. ClimateRight™ is environmentally friendly (no carbon or other harmful emissions). You will find the CR-7000 affordable to operate. It is similar to running 3-6 light bulbs/day in most cases (see specs for details). Don't waste money on products that don't do both. This unit will completely control your climate year-round. Choose the one and only – ClimateRight™. Your outdoor enclosure total cooling and heating solution! Live and work in comfort! Garage Testimonials I converted my garage to a man cave. During July and August it sure is nice to have ClimateRight keeping it cool for my buddies and me - Kenny M Columbus, OH