Climate Comfort Anyplace Imaginable

About ClimateRight Air

ClimateRight Air focuses only on our unique niche cooling and heating applications for small outdoor enclosed spaces. There are so many applications for our products that we need a site dedicated to just this part of the product line! We hope this site helps you solve your specific cooling and heating needs.

ClimateRight portable outdoor climate control systems are manufactured exclusively by ClimateRight LLC, a division of Midwest Equipment Sales in Columbus, Ohio. Most of our units are highly unique in that they are outdoor mounted, withstand weather, and sit outside of your enclosed space. We sell ClimateRight directly to consumers, businesses and OEM's direct or through our network of Authorized Dealers and Retailers. We own and operate multiple shipping warehouses in the U.S.A. We are customer-focused and have product and order specialists on our staff to ensure your experience is wonderful.

Our mission is to enable a lifestyle of comfort, fun and protection for our customers. Whether your want to acclimatize your pet's outdoor house, a tear drop trailer, server closet, a pop-up tent, an outdoor work shed or cabin, your garage, a tiny house, apartment room or room addition- whatever! We love helping you cool and heat just about anyplace imaginable!


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