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ClimateRight CR-5000-AC hooked up to Little Guy RV A/C factory prepped teardrop.

Do you own tear drop trailer, a-liner, a-frame, pop-up, chalet, or virtually any other other small camper or RV trailer? Do you wish there was a practical and affordable complete climate control solution for both hot and cold weather? There is now. If your existing RV or trailer does not have climate control, then ClimateRight™ is ideal for you. If you are in the market for a new RV, be sure to ask for ClimateRight by name to be factory installed. Having your unit A/C prepped before you take delivery is ideal. If you already have an RV, aftermarket installation is pretty straight forward. Watch the video to see how it works.

ClimateRight™ is the only complete cooling solution for unique situations like yours. It's the only product you'll need. If you are tired of gimmicks and want a real system specially made for your RV trailer and camping needs, here is how it is.

pet air conditioner Download The New Hook-Up Kit Instructions


Installation is fairly simple. You need to port the air intake and air outflow hose assembly into your trailer. This can be accomplished many ways. ClimateRight™ products come with an assembly kit including the necessary hoses, couplers and tools (except drill) that you will need to complete the quick and easy install. One of our dealers – Little Guy Worldwide has a video showing how they recommend installation.

If necessary, check with your local RV dealer about their recommendation to prep your unit for A/C and heat with ClimateRight™.


Operation is very easy. Select your temperature and fan speed. ClimateRight™ does the rest. Simply plug in your ClimateRight™ to any 110v electric outlet or generator.

NOTE: This item is not intended to be used as a permanent installation. Seek professional help and installation from an electrician for proper protection electrical outlet and plug-in protections from the elements.

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